Session 2 – Becoming Aware of Being Aware

Session 2 - Becoming Aware of Being Aware

Deeper understanding and more  practices to understand the Awareness “I” am, hence  becoming freer from compulsive thinking, and thus increasing the intensity of love and and peace within us and around us. We begin to investigate why our Meditation practice is the “Highest Possible Meditation”.

We investigate the error most of us make by interpreting a blank state of mind for the presence of awareness. The Presence of Awareness is that which knows both a blank state of mind and a chattering state of mind.

We repeat the same practices with the help of the powerful metaphors from Session 1, and explore new metaphors to help.

Our attention towards the world arises from deep awareness towards an object, and the world.
This is compulsive in all of us, as we cannot direct our attention to our awareness easily as we will always fall and direct our attention to an object, and hence the world.

So, the highest Mediation is just “being aware of being aware” and it’s a process to NOT give attention to any object.

In some ways it’s the relaxing of our attention towards the world that can bring us closer to the experience of the awareness of being aware. All other Meditations involve focus on an object, such as mantra, candle, breath listening or playing music, doing what you enjoy, etc, but these are all objects in the world of form.

Meditation involving “being aware of being aware” does not involve focus on any objects, and hence why its called the highest possible meditation.

This is the Meditation model in Direct Path to Self-Realization as outlined in these Coaching Sessions.  We attempt to de-focus our attention to towards objects and look towards the experience of being aware of being aware.

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