Dedicated 1-1 Meditation Sessions

What do the Guided Meditation Coaching Sessions Provide?

Its provides dedicated 1-1 private coaching and counselling.
All details required for you to develop your “Direct Path to Self-Realization and Love”.
The coaching spans 1 month, during that period I will  dedicate a total of 6 hours privately with you online.
The sessions include Meditation Together.
You will have unlimited direct access to ask questions.
You will be able to nominate  the time that suites you best.
You can remain anonymous and/or hide the video conferencing if you wish.
Complete Privacy.

How much does the Coaching Sessions Cost?

The coaching  sessions are $1199 USD / Month

What are the payment options?

PayPal and all Major Credits
If you prefer another payment method please contact me below
if you prefer to spread the payment over longer time,  please contact me  and let me know, and we will see what we can arrange.

How long does the course last?

Each month I can devote up to 6 hours, equivalent to 5 or  6 sessions, 1 session weekly for you for $1199 per month.
You can stop after the first month or continue and make another payment.
For maximum benefit you need to continue the course for many months.
We can arrange alternate payment amount if wish to continue but connect maybe 1 a month after the first payment.

Please contact me below if you have any questions and require some assistant.

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Dedicated 1-1 Coaching Sessions