The Paradigm

The Paradigm

The Meditation courses  are based on the Direct Path of Self- Realization, and  follows from  “The Highest Meditation” principle  of non-Objective Meditation,  an entry point to  understanding that we are made of Pure Awareness, only filtered by mind,  and that there are no “objects” outside our own experience.

The current world paradigm is  slowing shifting away from Physicalism (Materialism), currently passing through the pantheist stage, (Pantheism) undoubtedly  still a form of Materialism, but a step  in the right direction,  but slowly it’s concluding to us that the  model of reality known as the “Consciousness Only Model” can be the only true model of reality.

Our analysis of our own experience and with all scientific evidence, we are now forced to support the “Consciousness Only Model”  to make sense of the evidence, whether its anecdotal or not. 

As science digs deeper into understanding of our physical world it has struggled to solve the  “Hard Problem of Science”, being how to explain  why  we are conscious and the “Consciousness Only”  model of reality is  the most favored explanatory model.
(Non-dualism, Idealism) 

Paradoxically,  the  “Consciousness Only Model” is over 2,500 years old and is the source of all religions and is what the sages/saints both Christian and non-Christian have experienced and are famous for, but  we have totally misunderstood them, totally misinterpreted them, and many cases ignored them beyond belief.

The success of technology and science  has given us amazing  benefits  but has veiled us from the ultimate truth, like sheep to slaughter we have fallen for Materialistic Model of Reality.

We have been led to believe  “I” the body is aware, as the only possible path to happiness. This is responsible for our separateness, depression, narcissism, violence and everything we associate with an Egoic stage of our evolution.

Now it is becoming clear, we are entering the Post-Egoic stage of human evolution, and finally the realization from experience and evidence  that consciousness has always existed, is totally present as awareness,  and matter-time and space are how Consciousness unfolds through the prism of mind to create the world and the objects we experience.

Mario Bartholomew Sanguineti
Oct, 2020