My Story

My Story

My Story

This journey started for me at about age 7, when I asked my Dad what happens when I die? 
His initial answer was quite brutal and fatalist,  considering we were near a cemetery. His answer stirred the inside of me. 

Later he concluded, with an uncertain hope in himself,  that maybe there is a sought of consciousness awareness after death, but we don’t know  he had insisted. 

I felt he was aware enough to understand that maybe religious beliefs and traditions we had inherited were almost too unreal to believe in,  but was the best to have and hope in, as he did not know anything else that gives us a better story for hope.

From here onward I developed a passion on whether consciousness awareness survives death, but wanted to find a path not through religion, faith, hope and belief, but wanted the path through logical conclusion, experience, evidence and experiment.

During high school study, and then onto university to study mathematics, science and computer studies, I either encountered religious people or atheists.  Both of them had strong conviction either way, supporting their arguments without really understanding deeper concepts that I had grasped and wanted to focus on.  I saw they arrived at conclusions based on their prejudices and current mainstream paradigms, rather than questioning the current paradigm especially if  curly questions arose.

One area that I understood quite well, was Einstein’s Special Theory  of Relativity and the Mathematics behind it. In earlier years of university when I started asking questions on the conclusions that can be drawn from the theory,  I was always dismissed  and told I was taking it too seriously, and best not to go there. 

For example, we are always told it takes about 8 minutes for light to arrive from the sun to the earth, or it takes about 4 seconds to bounce electromagnetic signal  off the moon and back to us here  on earth, or again it takes light 4.2 years to reach us from our closest neighboring Star, after our Sun  Proxima Centauri. For all practically purposes this is off course correct.  

But no one ever asks the questions from a different perspective.  How long do  these journeys take from the perspective of light itself? Such questions are never explored or talked about, at least mainstream. The answer is always instantaneous from the perspective of light. The implication of this, and the nature of light itself, and then onto Quantum Physics, for the fabric of reality and consciousness itself are phenomenal and opened the door for me.  The implication for our consciousness was always overlooked, or not considered at all,  almost taboo.

Furthermore, to add, another peculiarity for me on my life journey was the mark that certain experiences had left on me,  and that constant sense of the awareness of those experiences.  For me, it felt the same sense of awareness was there all the time for all those experiences I had at all other times.

The significance of this common element of experience across all experiences, “Awareness”,  was always there, but I did not fully understand or consider it significant, much like everyone else I guess, I was led to believe it was just brain function by the materialist paradigm conditioning we had all been brought up with. How wrong we were on this, but It was not meaningful to me until only 5-7 years ago, and literally it was under my nose at all other times.

To widen my knowledge on the subject during earlier years I did a lot of reading and gaining insight around related concepts in the  Mathematics of Eschatology, “Physics of Immortality”,  ”Omega Point Theory”  and trans-humanism which also brought me across a lot of Christian sand non-Christian theology, including Eastern Mysticism and its relation to Quantum Physics.

By this point I knew that the Science of Consciousness, being the “Hard of Problem of Science” was the natural path to take and focus on.

More than  22  years ago, on the journey of discovery, I also was exposed to Yoga and Meditation, and had one to one  coaching with Meditation Teachers, Indian Sages, and practiced  different forms of meditation realizing I was on the long journey of the Progressive Path to Self-Realization.

Then finally after my last 5-year-old daughter was born it clicked and it fell into place, and everything started to make sense. Literally the nature of “awareness” was the key, the common element in every experience the part of “I” that  survives death and evidence for  it is overwhelming if you search and seek.

I now share this as a series of Guided Meditation Sessions that I call the “Direct Path to Love and  Self-Realization”.

Mario Bartholomew Sanguineti – 2020