The Path

The Path

The Direct Path to Self-Realization can be summarized as Three Paths of Discovery or Recognition.

Path 1 – The First Discovery or Recognition
We investigate and essentially discover what we essentially are: 

“I am Awareness”

We trace back using out experiencing discarding the elements that make up ourselves. Out thoughts are not essential,  but so are our feelings, sensations, perceptions, activities and relationships etc. These are elements of experience that are added to us, but come and go. 

What is the final irreducible element of ourselves after this analysis?

What is the common element in every experience?

Simple metaphors such as the “Room with Objects”  the “Fully dressed Body”, our “Naked-Identity”,  are presented to help us understand. Discussions on dreamless sleep, being under anesthetic, in coma or death, as opposed to the  waking experience and the dream experience are examined.

Note: Understanding this is NOT what we consider Enlightenment, Self-realization or Awakening.

Path 2- The Second Discovery or Recognition
We now need to Investigate and  discover the nature of the Awareness that I am.

“What is its Nature?”

We will discover that its nature is ever present, it has no limits, its inherently peaceful  and unconditionally fulfilled. Happiness and real love  is its nature.  Now, the experience and recognition of its nature is what traditionally is considered to be Enlightenment, Self-Realization or Awakening. 

We will look at simple metaphors such the “Movie and the Screen” , “The Actor and the Part He/She Plays”.  We investigate the experiences of the Sages or Saints, both Christian and non Christian in history and understand their experiences.

Path 3 – The Third Discovery or Recognition
The Being we essentially are is shared by every one and everything.

“All is one”.

This I am sure we have heard so many times, but I guarantee no one has really understood its implication.  In the Direct Path we call it unfiltered Consciousness the “Consciousness only Model” of Reality . The one single infinite indivisible reality that is unnameable , but is the true “I”.  In religious circles is called “GODs Presence”  or “Brahman”, but totally misunderstood.

This discovery crosses over with Science, such as in Quantum Physics (eg) Quantum  Entanglement,  and the wider difficulties on understanding are the cause of the “Hard Problem of Science”, ultimately leading to the “Consciousness Model of Reality”.

The concepts, can blow your mind away……..

“This indivisible whole is refracted through the prism of the finite mind and appears to us  as many things and many people and objects.”

“Was Jesus the son of God? Yes. But so are you. You just haven’t realized it yet.”

This discovery path  is not really necessary for  Sell-Realization and yet its the entry point for many scientist  and mathematicians and seekers of truth.

The 3rd Discovery is a large subject and touches on many related subjects, we will look at few that will help us achieve Self-Realization.

To help here, we will focus on metaphors such as, the “Ocean and its Whirlpool”  and the nature of “The Dreamer and his/her Dream” as well as the “Universal Dreamer Model”