About This


An Online Series of Coaching/Tutorials/Lectures and Guided Meditations, to take you on a wild journey, showing you the most important information about the Fabric of Reality that you must know before you reach the end of your life.
This is a truly Transformative Coaching Course, enabling you to “Die before you die”, and it will change your life and provide you a full understanding of what Enlightenment/Self-realization is all about and with guided practice, such as follows:
  • Discovering the true nature of Consciousness, the “Awareness” that is ever-present

  • Understanding the true source of Healing both Physical and Mental

  • Understanding true Manifestation, Peace and Love

  • Discovering the true source of all Religions

  • Discovering the different Models of Reality, and why only “The Consciousness only Model” or paradigm, solves the “Hard Problem of Science”

  • Discovering why the Illusory self is ultimately illusory

  • Show you why Space-Matter-Time are products of the Mind/Body when Awareness is refracted through our Mind/Body.

  • Developing insight what after death would be like.
The course is targeted to every individual, especially to Entrepreneurs and Managers, and anyone needing support. If you dislike your current life or you have depression, or you are suffering either physical or mental pain in some way, or you are suffering a feeling of loss, stress, fear taking your happiness away,  or you just want to achieve a goal, this is the path you must take.  We can show you  the inner-engineering tools you will need to help you,  and hence  be transformed in under 1 month.

The Direct Path is opposed to the Progressive path,  but both paths are journeys into Self-Realization, a process that is now over 2500 years old, but today explained and explored in the simplest of terms!

“Yes, it has taken over 40 years with lots of exploration, reading, travels, discovering, experiences, relationships, practices, teachers, and gurus, to get to this point! “

Mario Bartholomew Sanguineti, 2020