Session 3 – The Constant Element in Every Experience

Session 3 - The Constant Element in Every Experience

The constant element, with varying intensity, is  present both in the waking world,  and in the dream world, to your surprise,  is also present in every other possible state, before birth,  dreamless sleep, under anesthetic, coma, and off-course after death.  

It must be clear  to every one,  surely, that the common element in every experience  is awareness or the knowing of our experience.

Every experience  is different but  the knowing or awareness of those experiences  is the constant same element.

Now ask yourself, is it possible  to experience the appearance or disappearance of awareness?

You may claim incorrectly, you were not aware before birth or in dreamless sleep, or under anesthetic, or any other unconscious state, you may also claim incorrectly, you have no awareness after death.

Its logical in those states the mind/body is not present to record the experiences in memory that could be recollected and reflected on.

If you are confused its because you are in the conditioned state of believing “I” the body is aware and equate your experience and your body as awareness.

This is a false paradigm, the illusion, the ego.

Its “I” awareness that is aware. 
Its consciousness that conscious.

If awareness disappears, then what is it that is present and aware to experience the apparent disappearance of awareness? Awareness.

To claim legitimately that awareness dies/disappears, something would have to be present to experience its disappearance.

Off course it must be awareness.

We are that awareness to which such an appearance would occur.

In Religious circles this Awareness, the true “I” is GODs Presence, or Brahman.

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