Session 1 – What is Awareness of Being ?

Session 1 - What is the Nature of your Being?

What lies between two thoughts? In this Introductory (Beginners) Guided Meditation Session we explore using simple metaphors to understand what lies between two thoughts, and set a foundation to understand where we go when we ask “Am I Aware?”. 

A series of simple practices to develop skills to increase the awareness of being, by reducing thoughts and mental chatter. We use a series of powerful metaphors that helps our practice so we can  ultimately understand and feel  that it is “I” Consciousness that is Aware,  not “I” the body/mind that is Aware.

4 Replies to “Session 1 – What is Awareness of Being ?”

    1. It is the other way around!

      The “consciousness only model” of reality, which is the model of reality we are heading towards based on all evidence, (as opposed to physicalism or pantheism)
      shows us that “awareness is universal”, present and aware of itself.
      So the constant element of every experience is “awareness”, and this universal awareness is refracted through brains/minds to produce the content of consciousness, time, space and matter.

      When we die the brain that was our filter of awareness also dies so the world disappears but we become exponentially super aware!

      The Brain is a filter to Awareness, and not a producer of it.

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