Meditation Coaching Sessions

1.  5 min
Background on Self-Realization? and What is it?
What and Why the Direct Path to Self-Realization?
The “Highest Meditation” – Object-less Meditation.
The Direct Path as opposed to the Progressive Path.
What do we want to achieve?
What problems will we solve?
What would be a final outcome?

2.  15 min
Theme is around Awareness of Being!
What is Awareness?
Are you Aware?
Where do I go when I ask such a question? 
What is meant by “I”?
Simple metaphors to help you understand will be provided.
The “Space between two thoughts”
The “Train Station” Metaphor
The “The Room and its Objects” Metaphor
The “Two Fish in Water” metaphor.

3.  5 min
Loving Intention
Define a Private intention
What type of Intention should it be? 
How it should be intended?
How will I know it will work?

4.  15 min
Guided Meditation- using the exercises – Its silence for 15 min, with internet online.
Everyone eyes are closed.

5.  15 Min
Reflection – discuss and all share the experience

6. 5 Min
Next Session

7.  15 mins till end
Questions and Answers

Guided Meditation in beginning to understand what lies between two thoughts.

A series of simple practices to develop skills to increase the awareness of being, by reducing thoughts,  and mental chatter.

One simple  entry point for example, is to discover what lies between two thoughts, and then to increase the space between each thought.

Other Metaphors, and corresponding practices, also expanded on in further sessions, will presented that will help to understand what it means to be self-realized.

With continued practice the following benefits will grow in your:

  • Well-being is ensured, and your physiology improves.
  • Gradual increase of inner peace and feeling of love.
  • The feeling of separateness is reduced. 
  • Any one suffering “Anxiety” or “Depression”  for example, will benefit beyond belief if they persist with  the practices as outlined in the coaching sessions I present here.
  • Intelligence and Intuition comes from the “the awareness”  you are,  the “space” in between thoughts,  but never from thought itself. 
  • Power of manifestation increases
  • Synchronicity in every day events sometimes increases.

Every Guided Meditation we will practice,  we choose an Intention for a Higher Good. In this Meditation  we intend loving kindness support for some one who really needs it. 

With consistent practice, while doing your daily tasks its really important to just become aware of the awareness that you are, the space between your thoughts, and let it expand. Always allow your awareness to be aware of your thoughts, perceptions, sensations etc, be the observer and say “YES” I accept my my current state, no forcing,  allow all to  BE.  Once you become  aware of the experience of “Being Aware of Being Aware” it will transform your life as long as you persistently practice  the practices I outline in the coaching sessions. To go further your must then dwell deeper and nurture and understand what is the nature of this “Space” this “Awareness” that “I” am.

Though its very beneficial to practice meditation 30 mins every day, or more if possible, “Object-less  Meditation” I present here ultimately involves  being in meditation at every moment. To be the observer of all you thoughts, perceptions and sensations. Don’t dwell on thoughts that create fear and don’t server you. Replace them with the presence of “Awareness”

  • Its “I” Consciousness that is Aware,  not “I” the body/mind that is Aware.
  • There is nothing but Awareness 
  • We are made of Awareness
  • There is nothing outside of our experience
  • Space time and matter is what consciousness looks like when it refracted through the prism of our mind.
  • The laws of Physics are upgraded to Laws  Mind.
  • The Consciousness only Model of Reality
  • From childhood, and all other life, as well as for most of us,  and from a first  person perspective,  every day life experience outshines our being.
      But when awakened, or self-realized,  the awareness we are, the one only pure consciousness our true inner nature, our being begins to outshine our experience! 
  • What is enlightenment really?
  • Who am “I” really?
  • Why is it the way it is?
  • What happens to me in dreamless sleep ?
  • What does it mean to be unconscious ?
  • What happens to me when I die ?
  • Where are my loved ones when they die?
  • Is the ego necessary?
  • Why is there experience?

    Please send such questions in the comment section.
    Most can be answered within the framework on the “Consciousness” only Model ?


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