Session 5 – All Times Take Place Now

Session 5 - All Times, Past and Future Take Place Now

When understanding the nature of Awareness, we realize it is totally present and infinite. We will discover that 𝗧𝗜𝗠𝗘 (together with Space and Matter) is a result of the one Consciousness (Pure Awareness) filtered or refracted through our Mind/Body.

Time is  a product of mind/body processes, and its only through memory and thinking that we create our personal illusion of time. The one Awareness we share refracted through our body/mind gives us the collective synchronization experience of time.

The Laws of Physics, that dictate how evolution unfolds are always experienced in the now.  Even when we recall them from memory or from learning it is always in the now.  So these Laws, such as the  law of thermodynamics, entropy etc., are just “Laws of Mind” on how consciousness unfolds through the topology of the body/mind.

Let’s consider what  it means to be unconscious to help us understand, a little.

We consider unconsciousness as being an experience such as dreamless sleep, being under anesthetic, or in a coma or any experience where there is no thoughts to be reflected on after such an experience.

If we are unconsciousness for 6 hours, or 3 years, and then wake up, it appears 6 hours or 3 years went in instant. This is clearly what we experience.  During dreamless sleep, as an example, there appears to be no Awareness or No Knowing to recall after waking.

But how do you know there was no Awareness or Knowing during dreamless sleep?
How can you depend on the mind to tell you about an experience during which it was not present?

No memory was recorded while you were unconscious, the mind  was not present to record any information, that you can later recall on  awakening . Hence it would feel like you have traveled into future,  or lost time.

Because we are conditioned to identify mind with our  awareness we think when we disappear Awareness will also disappear.  This is the grand illusion!

Time is a difficult concept to wrap your head around, and I have barely touched the tip of the iceberg about the nature of the experience of what we think time is.  For novelty and curiosity sake we will also explore in the simplest child like terms, Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity just to help you understand its nature to some extent.

Know only if necessary that being present, living in the now, with minimal thoughts,  of past and present  is the best advice to take, if you wish to ignore the mind twisting concepts. a little

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