The Highest Meditation

The Highest Meditation Practice

What we normally here
So, you think that meditation is a more effective way of going to sleep than counting sheep?
Or is it a better alternative to watching reruns on TV?

Well for some, that may be true. However, for those who practice meditation with a strong conviction, the benefits of meditation are far greater than being able to fall asleep faster. Essentially, meditation was designed to help people free their mind from life’s constant conflicts. It promises to give people a deeper sense of relaxation and a higher control of themselves. The benefits of meditation even include understanding one’s self as it is viewed to be a process that will lead people to self-awareness.

The benefits of meditation have been known to humans ever since it was first practiced over 5000 years ago. 

There is now lots of scientific evidence showing the benefits of meditation in so many ways. In individuals who are meditating, brain scans called MRIs have demonstrated an increase in activity in areas that control metabolism and heart rate. Different studies on Buddhist monks have shown that meditation creates long-lasting changes in the brain areas involved in attention, working memory, learning, and conscious perception.  This all available on line and the data is now compelling.

Here are some obvious benefits littered in so many posts on the subject:

1. Reduces Stress
2. Controls Anxiety
3. Promotes Emotional Health
4. Enhances Self-Awareness
5. Lengthens Attention Span
6. Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss
7. Can Generate Kindness
8. May Help Fight Addictions
9. Improves Sleep
10. Helps Control Pain
11. Can Decrease Blood Pressure
12. You Can Meditate Anywhere
13. Increased IQ

Please send  comments below on other benefits you have heard of,  and whether there is any medical and scientific analysis supporting the benefits.


But our approach here is slightly different
The benefits of meditation in any form is always beneficial.  The list of benefits listed above are proof to that.  The Coaching session we have here approach meditation from a slightly different angle, and yet it arrives as the same end point as any traditional meditation practice would. I

The Highest Meditation
Our attention towards the world arises from deep awareness towards an object, and the world.
This is compulsive in all of us, as we cannot direct our attention to our awareness easily as we will always fall and direct our attention to an object, and hence the world.

So, the highest Mediation is just “being aware of being aware” and it’s a process to NOT give attention to any object.

In some ways it’s the relaxing of our attention towards the world that can bring us closer to the experience of the awareness of being aware. All other Meditations involve focus on an object, such as mantra, candle, breath listening or playing music, doing what you enjoy, etc, but these are all objects in the world of form.

Meditation involving “being aware of being aware” does not involve focus on any objects, and hence why its called the highest possible meditation.

This is the Meditation model in Direct Path to Self-Realization as outlined in these Coaching Sessions.  We attempt to de-focus our attention to towards objects and look towards the experience of being aware of being aware.

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